Tuesday, May 27, 2014

in hiding

After a long, often sleep deprived week, I embarked on a poorly planned out weekend of too much activity, sunlight, antibiotics and alcohol. I made an ass of myself at some point and am now lying low and hoping that the acute embarrassment wanes. SB had to make the shameful trip to pick up my phone from where a friend had picked it up as I was feeling too pitiful to go myself. He also made sure to take lots of pictures of my disgraceful behavior rather than stepping in to take me away and put me out of my misery. In his defense, I was doing my best to be an immovable object. However, this isn't the first time that he's chosen to document my idiocy rather than step in to put a kibosh on it. I should know better. He thinks the entire situation is hysterical while I am not so amused. My only saving grace is just like the last time this happened in 2010, there were other members of the party who deflected some of the attention to themselves.

Hopefully I will recover from the shame in time for next weekend.

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