Wednesday, May 28, 2014

right round

My pups, who usually fall into a frenzy of delight when I take them on walks, managed 200 meters before changing direction and pulling me right back home. Then they threw themselves on the tile floor and panted. And so it begins, I thought to myself. At least we made it until almost June before the weather became unbearable. Now we have three and a half more months of skulking in the shadows and after dark exercise.

We had just started going on hikes with the pups but those plans will have to be put to a rest because the last thing I want to do is overexert the little fur balls. We may manage a few short forays into the hills but the long awaited trip from Parkview to Stanley will have to wait some more.

I see that the touch rugby league is starting up soon. I think that those players are nuts. You couldn't pay me to run around in the middle of the day on a smoking hot, artificial turf. I played at a lacrosse tournament last July and my feet got burned through my cleats. Then the cleats delaminated and the bottoms fell off. Because of scheduling issues due to the hockey pitch at King's Park being refurbished and Happy Valley being pushed to capacity, the lacrosse league is still dragging in well past when it should have ended. At least those matches are at night. Aside from water sports, you won't be finding me outdoors until late August. That's how it is in Hong Kong.

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