Wednesday, May 21, 2014


A friend of mine somehow felt that it was appropriate to post some 9/11 conspiracy theories, in the line of "there were no planes that hit the buildings because it was an evil US conspiracy to demolish a structurally failing building instead", on the date when the memorial museum was opened. I thought about explaining how the space frame structure of WTC was actually well thought out and structurally sound until it was deformed by a catastrophic event of being exposed to tons of burning jet fuel, but frankly I doubt her ability to understand all of this considering that her puny brain thinks that the US government was in collusion with the WTC developers to destroy the building and blame terrorists. Because killing thousands of people, many of whom happened to be in a premier building in Manhattan due to their elite status and movers and shakers of finance and industry, makes so much more sense.

I instead used restraint and simply asked her why she was posting such a thing and informed her that I considered even bringing this up to be disrespectful. She kept the post up and didn't reply back. So I decided not to spend the afternoon cheering her on as she played for Hong Kong in the rugby four nations, because I couldn't stomach the thought of seeing her. Another friend who read the post and my comment, tried to explain that she probably wasn't being malicious but that she was just an idiot who couldn't comprehend the gravity of the situation because she was 12 or something when this happened. Well, I wasn't even born during the Holocaust but somehow I understand that it was a terrible thing and have managed to resist the urge to share Holocaust denial theories every time I hear that there will be a gathering to mourn the dead.

I can accept that maybe she isn't malicious but she is a troll. And while I'm giving myself time to relax and rethink, she may very likely not be a friend of mine after this. Aside from being callous, disrespectful and unaware, she is also an idiot and I don't have stupid friends.

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