Monday, June 30, 2014

long forgotten dreams

Walking through a tacky furniture store in search of a fan, I stopped in front of a children's bed. It was in the shape of a red sports car and suddenly I remembered that well over two decades ago, I had stood in front of a similar car bed, transfixed. I don't remember wanting anything more than I wanted that car bed. Even today, I can't recall having ever coveted anything like I coveted that car bed. Alas, my parents were no nonsense, practical people and I didn't even bother to voice my adoration of the car bed. Even as an eight year old I knew that the bed was made of something that my mother would refer to as 'cheap' and my father would just laugh and scoff.

Still, I used to gaze wistfully every time I passed a car bed in a store, and there were plenty of stores that carried them. Even when I grew too old for that sort of thing, I could still feel the pull of the shoddily constructed, laminated, MDF board frame. I don't remember when the dream finally faded, but strangely it still has not died completely. I wonder how SB would feel about swapping out our current bedroom furniture for shiny, red and with wheels?

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