Wednesday, June 11, 2014

music dogs

SB remembered that years ago, someone who was a much better musician than he is now tried to play "blackbird" on his guitar and failed. Of course, this became a challenge to SB. So far he has not mastered playing the song but we have discovered new things as he has been practicing. Tippy, who we already know loves SB's falsetto, also somehow seems to know when SB is making up song lyrics about her. I don't know if the fondness for her comes through in SB's voice, or if she recognizes her name. Either way, when he launches into the Tippy related lyrics, she is right there in front of him, paws on his lap.

Elsie isn't quite the music lover that Tippy is, and doesn't get so many songs written about her, but she does like to join in Tippy's enthusiasm and magnify it. When she is happy, her tail starts to spin in circles, seemingly gathering energy until she can suddenly launch herself at the object of her happiness, followed by bouncing around the room and trying to give hugs and kisses.

I know that a lot of dog experts say that when a dog attempts to jump on you, it is trying to dominate you but what malarkey. Does the dog in the video look like she's trying to be boss, or is she just swept up in enthusiasm?

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