Wednesday, June 25, 2014

the unwashed

Now that we have entered the sweltering months of summer, my social calendar has picked up. June is always a very busy month. Junk trips are planned, barbecues are scheduled, and love is in the air. Despite the hot and humid summer weather, people still adhere to the tradition of June weddings. Historically, as in several centuries ago, May was the month when people scheduled their annual bath so it made sense that one would want to get married soon after while still smelling fresh-ish. You didn't want to marry right after the bath during the month of May because it was unlucky to celebrate so close to the Feast of the Dead or worse, the Festival of the Goddess of Chastity. But June, named after the goddess Juno, was auspicious.

I am a proponent of weddings at any time other than summer. I am not a fan of standing in a sunny garden or historical (read poorly air conditioned) chapel, struggling to pay attention to the lovely vows instead of noticing the rivers of sweat running down my back and leaving damp spots on my silk dress. I am not filled with joy at the prospect of rushing home from the ceremony to take a shower and get gussied up all over again for the reception. I hope that the bride and groom realize how much I like them to be subjecting myself to the outdoors on their behalf. And I pray for rain. A good shower never hurt anyone.

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