Tuesday, July 15, 2014

familiar faces

I don't eat roast meat for lunch as frequently as I partake in the salad counter or pick up a sushi container at the Park n Shop near my office, but the roast meat attendant knows me. This is probably because I am one of very few white people who queue where he is chopping away at various animals. Most customers will pick up food from the display case but I like to custom order because the meal is guaranteed to be warm, and I like the minced ginger/scallion sauce that usually is only included in the chicken orders. Chopper man knows that I want the ginger mix on whatever I order. He remembers that when I order the duck, I want leg, not breast (sadly this store doesn't carry smoked duck breast, but only the roasted kind). He always smiles back at me when I thank him for my order, which might be the only smile I receive all day now that things are delayed on the work front. Even my boss, who I like, grumbles and is short tempered these days.

I don't know why I don't buy from the roast meat counter more often. The food is half the price of a salad or sushi, and lasts for two meals if I get two types of meats in my order. Besides, the salad counter lady rolls her eyes at everyone, probably because she can't believe that we're actually paying $60 for a half filled container of salad.

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