Monday, July 28, 2014

five second rule

Apparently the folks at OSI Shanghai Husi Food Company strongly believe in the five second rule, that is the folk lore version and not the research version by Jillian Clarke that won her the Nobel Prize in public health. If Husi's workers had been familiar with Ms. Husi's findings, surely they would not have been shoveling meat that was dropped on the floor back into packaging.

As for the expired meat problem, I am almost enured to the thought of eating expired meat, having had numerous experiences with buying meat from my local grocery monopoly and finding the underside to be suspiciously discolored or green. while I have always thrown it away (or in SB's case, marched back to the store with offending meat in hand to lodge another complaint) I do wonder about food labeling practices that allow for funky foods to be sold. We have also opened milk cartons to find them curdled or sour despite the labels stating that we had two more weeks before expiry.

I haven't stopped by the neighborhood McDonald's to see what's been crossed off the menu. I'm not sure that I want to find out that the crossed out beef rice wrap was made with floor scraps and moldy meat. On the other hand, I am curious to know just how widespread the problem was. Has anyone else gone into a McDonald's and documented the crossed out menus?

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