Monday, July 21, 2014

regular baths and exercise

While I'm not inactive, I have been known to drag my feet about exercising in the summer. It's just so hot and humid outside while there are air conditioning and iced drinks to be had indoors. SB and I will engage in a stream hikes every few weeks along with the sporadic swim, but that's about it until August and rugby season starts up again.

Now that we have dogs, things have changed. We have responsibilities and running the pups is a welcome obligation. Before, a hike would be an all day event but now we have been enjoying shorter trips with less risk of falling off some cliff face. We regularly tramp around Tai Tam reservoir park and over Violet Hill, sometimes including the Twins. It's only about two and a half to three an a half hours, depending on which route we take, but I really have begun looking forward to the leisurely Sunday evenings walks.

Last night, Tippy was as happy as a pig in the mud. Literally. A lot of Wilson trail was very muddy, and before long I saw my beautiful medium coat dog scamper toward a large mud puddle and proceed to dive in. Elsie wasn't the least bit interested in dirtying her short coat but Tippy happily wiggled, wriggled, flopped and burrowed as our hike companions laughed and made "aww" noises at her. Tippy did her best alligator impersonation so that the only visible areas were a small stripe along her spine and part of a head poking out of the mud.

Once Tip was done with her bath, she helped our friend to his own shower. I tried to warn him but she was already starting to twist her body and in the next second, mud flew everywhere. Needless to say, we all had proper baths at the end of the evening.


Tommy Hopkins said...

That is understandable. I think we should all work ourselves out, once in a while, to give our muscles some bit of practice. Though we shouldn't push too hard and stnill appreciate the cold comfort of air-conditioned rooms at the end of all that activity. We owe ourselves that. :)

Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp

Monique Wells said...

I agree! Sometimes, we have to burn our fats and perform some exercises. Hahaha! When we're done with them, we can take a bath and lay down our bed with the A/C on. Oh what a life, but I think we all deserve it. Hahaha! In any way, thanks for sharing that! All the best!

Monique Wells @ Metro Heating