Tuesday, July 8, 2014

some of my favorite things: lemon and cherry

While I am disappointed in my search for ube and mint chocolate chip ice cream, I have other flavors of summer to look forward to. Now that mangosteen season is over, I have turned toward cherries with a vengeance. For the past several years I have not had much opportunity to enjoy as many cherries as I could possibly devour, but I admit that the time in 1998 when I visited a family friend's cherry orchard in Montana and was allowed to climb a ladder into a tree, not to return...well, it's hard o to top that. My cherry consumption had been at an all time low because SB didn't like cherries and I usually tried to bring home fruits that we both could enjoy. Well, after years of swearing his dislike of cherries he finally was convinced to eat one and realized that he quite likes them. Aargh.

We quickly discovered new things such as the fact that consuming two pounds of cherries will make you gassy. And dogs do not particularly like cherries but are very happy to roll a cherry all over your floor, thus performing the canine equivalent of a child decorating walls with a red crayon.

This week also marked the discovery of Yeo Valley Family Farms' Lemon Curd 'Proper Organic Bio Live Yeogurt.' What a mouthful.  Really, what a mouthful. I have greatly enjoyed the deliciousness of lemon curd and cherry in a somewhat healthy medium. Next weekend I have a feeling that I will be baking lemon curd muffins with home-made cherry jam.

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