Wednesday, August 13, 2014

rain, rain, go away

It's been a dreary couple of days, hasn't it? Despite downloading the MyObservatory app last year for this express purpose, I somehow managed to overlook the weather warnings and notifications on my phone, to my peril. Yesterday was not the day to wear a white dress. I was at least thankful that I had worn solid colored underwear and a slip underneath, rather than the pair with a happy face sticking its tongue out image stretched across my ass.

My umbrella proved only useful in protecting the top of my head since the rain was blowing sideways as I walked to the bus stop. I had only to glance at the queue doubling back on itself to decide that I was not going to be riding a taxi home.  Of course one minute into my walk to the bus stop had me second guessing myself as my shoes filled up with water and my dress was losing its properties of opacity by the second.

I'm pretty sure that the guy standing across from me on the bus was taking snapshots of me. If I end up on one of those 'artistic photography' websites, I will not be pleased at all.

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