Thursday, August 21, 2014

return of the caveman

SB arrived with a full beard and smelling like someone who had been traveling for almost exactly 24 hours. In typical SB fashion, he left his shoes in the middle of the floor at the entry and proceeded to make a grand mess unloading his gear without actually putting anything away. Then he greeted the very eager Tippy (she was so eager that she left me a half dollar sized spot of piddle to clean up) and a shocked Elsie, who kept staring at his bushy beard while wagging frantically. Eventually he greeted me. We had dinner and he mumbled a few incoherent statements. Then I remembered that he is a firm believer of not sleeping at all on a plane as a way to acclimate faster to time zone differences. I do not ascribe to this logic so I hadn't remembered just what a blathering nincompoop one can be after sleep deprivation. So after dinner I had him shower and put him to bed.

This morning he gave me some lovely presents that only a weirdo like me can truly appreciate. He found the Moleskine notebook with dot grids and not line grids that I haven't been able to find for almost eight years. I also got a fossil necklace that I will probably never wear but I will admire it lovingly in my jewelry box as only someone who loves fossils and rocks can do. I also got a giant coffee mug with the Colorado flag lest I forget which is the best state in the United States. I was in such a good mood that I didn't kill him for also bringing home a large portion of the Utah desert floor in his bags.

He managed to stay healthy during a month of long hikes and roughing it one the desert floor, on the Rocky mountain tops, and throughout the Adirondacks; but within his first 24 hours in Hong Kong he has managed to sprain his foot rather badly. So now instead of having a respite, I am tasked with continuing to care for the pups all by myself, which is not a very hard feat, along with taking care of my big, grouchy cave man. At least combating jet lag isn't really a problem when you're on bed rest for a couple of days.

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