Tuesday, August 19, 2014

some things

SB is now at the Colorado portion of his summer trip. He finished up New York City leg, then spent a couple of weeks in the Adirondacks growing a beard, then camping in Utah and growing more beard, and now he is passing through Boulder and Denver. He thinks of himself as from Colorado though his residency ended earlier than preferred when his parents divorced and he ended up in boarding school.

He was thrilled to be back. He stayed with the family that lived next door to him, whose daughter is still one of his best friends, as well as caught up with fellow classmates from Colorado Academy who he hadn't seen since the summer after eighth grade. They probably are wondering what he does for a living with a shaggy beard and deep tan. SB told me how some of his favorite friends are still the same, wonderful  people that they were when he was fourteen. If you knew how sentimental and adverse to change he is, this was the highest compliment.

He was thrilled that the same favorite restaurants still remained 20 years later. He was delighted that he could still hike the high peaks. He went into rapture over the REI flagship store in Denver though I'm pretty sure that it has changed.

Another change since his youth is that Colorado has mostly legalized marijuana use. This may have explained the man standing next to SB at the sandwich shop who stared at the roast chicken for five minutes while squinting and chuckling to himself. Not that SB behaved any better, I am sure. The way he was ranting about this delightful gastronomic adventure throughout the restaurants in Denver, coupled with is obscene metabolism, would cause more than a few raised eyebrows from anyone overhearing our romantic phone conversation regarding french dips, prime rib and chimichangas.

Some things stay the same and others...

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