Wednesday, August 20, 2014


SB is coming home tonight. I am overjoyed. He has been gone for a month before but it never has hit me - this missing him stuff - like this time. I wonder if it is because of the pups; I have been sharing daily antics with him and wishing that he was here to observe Elsie's ridiculousness or Tippy's desperation. Every morning I scramble to force Tippy to eat her breakfast when she would rather get cuddled, while also trying to keep the ever food motivated Elsie from sneaking in to finish Tippy's meal. Elsie's latest plot is to crouch her upper body while her behind is straight up in the air and slink forward while stretching her neck like a giraffe towards Tippy's bowl. And this somehow makes me think about missing SB.

He complained that he wasn't able to find a french dip sandwich in his journeys so I am going to make them for dinner. I have never made a french dip sandwich, unless you count my one attempt when I didn't know what a french dip was. You think that I would have looked it up on Google but instead I made it up by pan frying a couple average looking sirloins and then making a runny au jus gravy with the drippings. It was nice, but it was a steak sandwich, not a french dip.

This time I looked it up and plan to put my new pressure cooker to use as I don't have time for a slow cooker recipe, nor do I own a slow cooker. There is a 2lb hunk of rump roast in my office refrigerator (sitting next to a suspicious Tupperware that has been there for weeks) which I will take home tonight and toss into the aforementioned pressure cooker along with a can of french onion soup (what, did you think I was going to make it from scratch?), beef stock (that will be homemade), a bottle of whatever beer is lying around, and some garlic. In the meantime I will caramelize some bell peppers and onions and assemble them all on a baguette with maybe some cheese (I am undecided if this is correct). I hope that this will cause SB to love me forever more, as he already loves me forever due to my enchiladas verdes. I would have made the enchiladas but they require quite a bit of prep time and are reserved for the weekend.

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