Friday, August 8, 2014

the turtle and the hair

My newest friends comprise a group of athletes of varying skill level who have dogs, or like to spend time with dogs. We have done a few hikes together and I have discovered that our fitness levels balance out because the ultra runner's dog is her weak link while I am my pack's weak link. A few weeks ago I could see that she was barely able to contain her urge to take off running but her large dog was not the least bit interested in picking up his meandering pace. Thank goodness.

This weekend we are all setting out for Stanley, but at varying times and speeds. She will begin her gazelle-like pace at Quarry Bay at 7am, whereby she will take the most circuitous route to the beach. Her boyfriend will jog a more direct route at a more leisurely pace with their dog for as far as the dog feels like going and then take a taxi the rest of the way. I will depart from Parkview with my two pups at 8am and anticipate a slow trudge over the Twins while wheezing like a dying water buffalo. As usual, my dogs will scamper ahead of me while frequently running back to check on me and make sure that I haven't collapsed before giving them treats and water.

The last group will skip the hike and taxi to Stanley due to owner injuries (you would be amazed at the number of Crossfit casualties) or because their dogs are of the toy class with delicate paws and long coats. We will all meet up for the most frivolous of activities: ice cream with the canines. SB has never allowed me to take the dogs for ice cream but he's away so the pups will play.

Hopefully the pups will also swim.

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