Sunday, August 17, 2014

water dogs

I thought long and hard about getting the pups saddle bags but ultimately decided against it because of worries that they would get caught in underbrush. Don't tell Tippy and Elsie that I said this but they are not so big. They have great fun wriggling into small spaces on our walks and I would prefer not to wriggle after them to retrieve some hung up saddle bags.

And so this is how yet again I gasped and grunted behind the frolicking pair as we hiked seven kilometers to Stanley.  Once at the beach I rented a paddle board and threw the unsuspecting pair on board. Both were nervous but then Tippy started enjoying  herself, plonking down on the back of the board. Elsie was her usual more reserved self and while she seemed to like looking around, she wouldn't sit down and leaned on me. This led to our one wipe out as I was turning and she learned hard into one leg. Oh the indognity! She was not pleased. We continued on without any mishaps and then spent the rest of the afternoon digging holes and racing up and down the beach. Next week I would like to take them kayaking.

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