Wednesday, September 3, 2014

barking at the moon

On Monday night, SB and I will make our annual pilgrimage to the beach with my little, fish lantern to celebrate the mid autumn festival by lighting fires and moon gazing. This is probably the final year for the fish lantern, having barely made it through the drunken Frenchman flattening of 2010 and then the cellophane on fire incident of 2012. Maybe next year I will pick up one of those cute, highly flammable, pink, paper bunnies for a change. I have only used fish lanterns since my first one in 1988.

I wanted to take the pups since I have become one of those people who wants to drag their pets everywhere: on dinner dates, to sporting events, weddings, circumcisions, etc. Then I calculated the risks of two inquisitive mongrels + lanterns + open barbecue pits with delicious meat. Tippytoes and Elsie will have to celebrate with a early morning hike instead. The full moon is scheduled to be at peak phase at 9:38am on the 9th, anyway, so they won't be missing out.

Back in 2009 I bought a little moon cake mold with grand plans to churn out little gifts for all of my friends. Then I remembered that I had to work on Saturdays and that was the end of that. Five years later I am happier and with a more stable schedule so I am ready to try again. Not being one to start small, I have planned an triumph of snowy mooncakes in three flavor combinations: pandan skin with coconut mung bean and an inner layer of kaya, almond skin with Advocaat cheesecake and an inner layer of marzipan, and a more traditional white lotus paste with golden lotus in the shape of an egg yolk in the center. I actually like the egg yolk in the moon cake but I may be the only person on earth who does so I will forgo them. I predict that I will be reporting back on Sunday with either a grand success or a sticky mess. The canine cleanup crew will be standing by.

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