Tuesday, September 2, 2014

reading between the lines

One would think that graphic communications would, as the name suggests, communicate ideas graphically. Am I too much of a dumbo to understand the below image, put forth by the rugby union, on page one of their strategic plan, and aptly titled "Our Vision"? This does not bode well for my ability to comprehend the rest of the strategic plan.

So my thoughts...I may be mistaken but I believe that the Championship league is also known as the Community League. On level two we have officials, colts, minis, schools and women. There appears to be some sort of mysterious correlation to level one of 7s, U20s, U18s and U16s though I have yet to figure it out. Perhaps the 7s players are going to be further developed into match officials while U16s, being still young, will be castrated and used to feed into the women's league. That is a rather lofty five year plan.

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