Saturday, October 25, 2014

my fellow Americans

I met a lovely lady at the dog park who invited me to join her dragon boat team. Unlike my team which trains seven weeks per year in preparation for for the one big race (and usually enjoys all day drinking on race day) this team of all female paddlers is serious. They train three days per week. Already I am at a disadvantage since I work and can only make it to Saturday training.  But they all friendly and understanding that I have to make my job a priority.

So that is how I spent Saturday morning surrounded by tall and/or blonde women with the exception of the coach who is short and Asian. I had gotten used to being tall among Asians and now I'm reminded that back home I'm a shrimp. At least SB will have no problem picking me out of the crowd. I'm not joking that everyone else is tall or blonde, or both tall and blonde in most cases.

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