Monday, November 10, 2014

my life as a joke

My uncle Jon used to wave around Dibert comics on an almost weekly basis. While I thought that they were funny, I didn't have Jon's level of enthusiasm. And then I started working at a large corporation.

Last week I eavesdropped on my boss arguing with a client. They were having a very heated discussion because our site architect took a day off last month for sick leave and the client deducted 4.5% of his salary. The client argued that the contract did not include sick pay. My boss argued that the contract didn't specify that sick leave would be deducted, either. Be fair, my boss urged. There were days when the client had an urgent task or a tight deadline and the site architect stayed late to get the work done. It was expected that this type of thing would happen from time to time and we would not have tried to bill the client. Our client, taking his HR policies straight from Dilbert, remained firm that sick leave was to be deducted. As a result, the site architect is unhappy with his pay cut and I don't expect him to ever agree to work late for the client again without demanding cash.

Dilbert's boss reared his pointy haired head in the form of one of my project managers. He sent me an email bemoaning one of the consultants being a difficult ass. I replied that the consultant could be a difficult ass all he wanted but he still had to submit a licensing application for our processing. The project manager then forwarded his request that the consultant provide the application, and included the entire email conversation. We are still awaiting the application.


Spike said...

I started a job once where the first working day was the 3rd of the month, because the 1st & 2nd were weekend days. My first month's paycheck was less than I expected and I was told they pro-rated it since I wasn't there for the entire month. Fine, I said, I'm sending you an invoice for the time I spent on all the emails you sent to me the month before to 'get me up to speed.' If there's any moral to the story it would be don't ask, tell. No, "what about all those late nights"? Just "here's a bill."

architart said...

I had Catbert the HR director in a previous job and I am very appreciative that my boss goes to bat for his staff. Even when things are bad, they aren't that bad.

At the old job you would get deducted salary for arriving at the office after the 9am start but they didn't care that you worked until midnight the night before. They also once flagged me for taking a two hour leave for a doctor's appointment (no, it didn't count as sick leave because it wasn't an illness) because I arrived back after two hours and eleven minutes. I'd better stop now before I list everything those a$$holes ever did to me, which would probably cause me to get carpal tunnel syndrome from all of the enraged typing.