Tuesday, January 6, 2015

and something nice

On Sunday morning SB took the pups and an out of town guest on a hike along the Dragon's Back while I stayed home and rested my ankle, which I had sprained tripping over the pups as they ambushed me with love the night before. There are pitfalls to having not-so-big dogs: they are a tripping hazard.

SB and company concluded the hike at Big Wave Bay and joined a taxi queue that was inconveniently located near a reeking toilet. They waited...and waited. An hour later, the number 9 bus pulled up and the driver waved to SB to indicate that he should board. SB declined because he's insane. Actually, he declined in consideration for those silly people who exist and think that knee high black dogs are horribly scary.

The bus driver waved to SB again. With the nauseating perfume of the toilets tickling his nostrils, SB had a brilliant change of heart and ran for the bus. SB didn't get the name of the bus driver and we ponder the wisdom of writing to the company to thank him for letting us do something clearly forbidden in their policies but if anyone reading lives in Shek O and has an idea of which of the route 9 drivers likes dogs, please convey our gratitude. It would have been a very long and uncomfortable wait for a taxi if not for his kindness.

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