Sunday, January 11, 2015

into the dark ages

It's a strange contradiction in Hong Kong that we have access to the newest and most fascinating consumer electronics and yet we are still in the dark ages of accessibility. With all of the nifty toys you can buy to stream massive quantities of data into every room of your house, we still have to subscribe to traffic throttling mobile and wifi networks.

My lacrosse teammates constantly complain about how random the ASN network seems to be. It's not cheap, costing $2xx dollars per month depending on your subscription, and you can't be guaranteed programs. Lately the national lacrosse league has been replaced by major league gaming. Yes, that's right. Major. League. Gaming. Ugh. What could be more exciting than watching someone else playing games on your television screen?

SB and I finally had enough when our NFL feed whittled itself down to replaying four matches for a month and with picture quality similar to what we would get watching it being streamed on our throttling wifi network. It was worth it to switch over to the NFL Gamepass.

As for the National Lacrosse League, we haven't been able to find a similar subscription (hint, hint NLL) but we are doing what we used to do before by watching the games using someone else's ESPN program through a Slingbox. Slingboxes have been around for a while and are still the best option for expats who cannot find their favorite programs online. We recently bought my old roommate a Slingbox, which he has kindly attached to his guest bedroom television so that we can not only watch NLL but collegiate lacrosse and hockey. Thank you Ian, and thank you to whoever invented the Slingbox!

In the meantime, I apologize to my neighbors and want to reassure you all that the inhuman moaning and wailing that you hear in the early morning is in fact human and this particular human is not in any discomfort but is enjoying (supposedly) the NFL playoffs. Go Broncos!

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