Sunday, January 4, 2015

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A few weeks ago I didn't realise that my life was about to change and then I won an ipad at my company holiday party. I did not think that things were going to change since SB and I have never seen the need for a tablet. We have a laptop that almost soley functions as a media center at home and also own a touch screen ultrabook as well as our phones so we are as wired as we care to be. On many a Monday morning SB can be found watching the NFL network on the television while keeping up with the fantasy football crew on the ultrabook and messaging his childhood neighbor and fellow Broncos fan on his phone. The lines between jock and geek are blurred.

While I thought that the ipad was cool, I'm not part of the cult of Apple. Then I started using the ipad and realized that as connected as we were, there is always room to be even more geeky. For example, I don't like to use the phone to read my online subscriptions because it requires a lot of scrolling and it isn't easy to bookmark quotes. While it wasn't exactly a problem to bookmark the whole article and then organize the quotes later on the laptop, having the ipad is just that much more convenient. I can bring the ipad with me to breakfast and read the news while I wouldn't normally bring the ultrabook. 

But the main reason why the ipad has changed my life is because it has a good camera. I used to only inundate SB with endless pictures of the furbabies because the quality of my phone camera isn't worthy of uploading onto social media most of the time. While I have taken remarkable pictures of them with my camera, the time it takes to download them to the computer is enough to cause me to reflect on the wisdom of sharing a million images of sleeping dogs. With the ipad I can take reasonable quality pictures and instantly upload them before considering what I am doing. As a result I have decided to become a mommy blogger. Instead of my usual meaningless banter sprinkled with cultural and social commentary, I will now use my blog as a platform to show you all how cute my dogs look as they do nothing, accompanied by inane/insane commentary. Please scroll below for a preview of the new blog content.


Tippy being cuddled by a homeless biker

A fat nutria Elsie being cuddled by a homeless biker

Tippy sleeping

More Tippy sleeping

Elsie sleeping

More Elsie sleeping

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