Sunday, February 1, 2015

a gorgeous drone aerial tour of Hong Kong

Last month SB and I witnessed two Indian (we think) men attempting to fly a quadcopter in the park behind the Happy Valley police station where our dogs play. I write 'attempting' because the last we saw of them was as they were chasing after the quadcopter which was being blown away by the wind.

Last week the rooftop tenants of the building next to ours had a quadcopter and were much more successful. It buzzed our window before heading across the street to hover over the Wednesday night races. I bet that they got some remarkable footage if they were recording.

Via Gizmodo, a team of quadcopter enthusiasts completed their mission to deliver a chocolate bar from Tseung Kwan O to Repulse Bay. The YouTube video shows the quadcopter crossing the sea, soaring over several peaks and navigating buildings. It's remarkable.

There were seven pilot relay teams who worked together to fly the 9.5+ kilometers. 

You may access the video through user Sky Frog

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