Friday, February 6, 2015

conversation fell off sharply

Defending a proposal that was being queried for its inability to solve the actual problem, compounded by the likely result that the problem would exacerbate, my estimable colleague stated that the team had worked long and hard to reach their solution. "You didn't include most of the stakeholders in any of your discussions," I pointed out.

"We spent a long time formulating this proposal and our team all voted on it," was the reply.

Then the director of stuff that has nothing to do with the conversation added his own opinion that he had faith in the team's proposal due to how hard they had worked (they wouldn't have had to work so hard if they had sought input from relevant parties instead of thinking up the criteria on their own).

This is basically what I said in response:
When I was four, I worked very hard at flapping my arms. I practiced for hours, and anyone who has a four year old can tell you, it is hard for a child to concentrate on anything for fifteen minutes, much less hours. Despite all of the hard work, my solution to flying was not successful and I learned the lesson with much pain and stitching. Would you like to see the scar on my head?

After that, conversation fell off sharply.

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