Monday, February 9, 2015

hobbit homes and habitats

 Images from Sutton Lakefront Realty, via Boing Boing

For $20.9 million HK dollars you can buy a 1000 square foot flat on the island -  on average you will have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Or for the same price you can buy this 38 acre "enchanted Forest" in British Columbia, complete with four whimsical yet habitable homes.

The flat that I share with SB and the two furbabies probably has a salable area of 560 square feet, and all of the fixtures in the kitchen are hobbit sized. Being not so vertically blessed, I have no problem with our cramped kitchen but SB has been to the accident and emergency three times due to kitchen accidents; twice he cut his hand open trying to wash dishes in the corner sink and once he cut his head open on an overhead cabinet. We long ago agreed to set a cap to how much we were willing to spend on housing but I am starting to consider an increase in the limit in exchange for peace of mind.

Images from Sutton Lakefront Realty, via Boing Boing

While many of Hong Kong's homes are built by hobbits, the British Columbia forest can house all of the woodland creatures with ease. Seeing how far the same amount of money will stretch across the ocean, it's no wonder so many older Hong Kong residents are migrating to Canada.

Images from Sutton Lakefront Realty, via Boing Boing

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