Wednesday, March 4, 2015

gone tomorrow...or today

What a week it has been! Four of the colleagues who I used to occasionally have lunch with disappeared after we came back from the Chinese New Year. That's when I found out that our company does a spring cleaning of sorts. Our HR policies are such that their desks still contain personal effects which I assume will be boxed up and sent to them in the near future.

And then my boss quit rather spectacularly. Oy vey, as my neighbor used to say. I would be nervous if not for the fact that very few people want to do what I do, much less have any experience at it. Of course this means that my new boss doesn't seem to want the promotion, or at least that's what I figured after watching her anxious facial expression as I explained the bones of the project. I didn't even get to the messy stuff before she said that she would need several weeks if not months to review and get caught up. Ha! Ain't nobody got that kind of time (though I keep that thought to myself for now).

I was especially thrilled when she told me that she doesn't get along well with other women. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with that information. Was she warning me or do I need to stop showing up to work in work boots and a hardhat?

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