Tuesday, April 7, 2015

constant comment

SB's guitar skills are much improved to my surprise. Only a year ago I was struggling to identify nursery songs that he was playing and now he regularly entertains with folk songs. We're not at the point that he carries his guitar with him to get-togethers but he isn't too shy to borrow another, better player's guitar and play one or two tunes. Recently while having drinks after a lacrosse match at the local pub, where the manager warmly refers to the loud group of American men as douchbags, SB serenaded our friend Matt with Guns N' Roses' Patience. Matt enjoyed the song up until SB changed the words from to sing, "all we need is just a little Constance." Constance is Matt's fiance. Matt, usually one of the loudest of the group (the three loudest players all happen to work in finance but that is merely a coincidence), was surprisingly bashful at having his love for Constance singled out and rather vehemently requested for SB to shut up.

Of course this meant that SB sang with even greater enthusiasm. Due to Patience, er, Constance, being a rock ballad, one cannot strum harder or louder and so the only way to increase the intensity of the song is to moan even more excessively than Axl Rose, not an easy feat considering the lead singer's prodigious talent at moaning. "Constance, mm yeah, mm yeah, oooooh," wailed SB as Matt turned an alarming shade of pink and tried to club him into submission.

SB is planning to serenade them with this at their wedding in September. Because that's how douchebags show affection to each other.

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