Tuesday, May 19, 2015

back in time

The question of whether they would have backed the US entering into war with Iraq, knowing what they do now, has been a stumbling block for almost all of the republican candidates. If you listen carefully enough through all of the weaving and ducking, you will find that most of the candidates eventually reveal their real feelings about the matter. Many have the Dick Cheney approach, which echoes Machiavelli: the ends justified the means. Sending so many trusting, young men and women into war was justified because it deposed Saddam Hussein.

If that is the case, then I feel that we should look at the real end, which was not when Hussein was deposed. The end result also involves the conditions that we left behind which made possible the creation of Da'eesh (ISIS). 

I'm disappointed by how many politicians think that it is okay to lie to their constituents and risk the lives of our troops because it accomplishes a perceived lofty goal; however I am not surprised to hear that politicians think that it's okay to lie. For the record, I think that it was a reprehensible act and far more harm was done than good. We have avoided acknowledging that all of the other "tyrant" nations that were accusing the US of lying to invade another sovereign country were in fact telling the truth. We yet again rushed into conflict and left behind a giant mess that has evolved into a far greater threat than Saddam Hussein ever was. And we have ignored the possibility that there may have been other legal and less damaging means of deposing the Iraqi tyrant than an illegal invasion. If only our nation's leadership could be trusted to act honorably.

*Disclaimer: My thoughts are not entirely rational because a friends' father did not return from Iraq and I am angered that he sacrificed his life for a cause that didn't exit.

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