Tuesday, May 12, 2015

gone spear fishing

While scrolling through Facebook I came across a mildly controversial post from a friend. My friend is ex-military, works in the finance industry and wears conservative clothing even during leisure time so I was more than mildly surprised to see him posting a moderately liberal viewpoint.

Apparently I wasn't the only one surprised, and in the case of another friend of his, the surprise was not pleasant. This other man vehemently disagreed with my friend and then continued on a rant for five or six posts before even receiving a response, at which point he went off the deep end, in my humble opinion. By the second sentence of his rebuttal, the words 'Nazi' and 'zeitgeist' were used. This man chastised my friend for "as a Jew," being ignorant to the dangers of indifference to the gay agenda (because Nazis!) and pointed out that his own views were correct because "I have gay friends", I bet he has black friends, too! And folks, it only got better when at the end of the dirge, doctors were going to be forced to hand out abortions like candy.

Well, it was just too much to resist and I was unable to stop my fingers from racing across the keyboard. Before I knew it I had joined in to urge my friend to confess that he was a Nazi abortionist. We went a few rounds of me trolling and the other guy getting more and more hysterical until the posts abruptly disappeared. My friend was asked to delete them after this guy suddenly remembered that he was a Navy chaplain and probably should not be threatening women no matter how much they poke at him with a proverbial stick. Sadly, I was not even able to retrieve a screen shot of the conversation so I can only relive the glory in my memories.

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