Monday, July 27, 2015

I'm expecting a large bonus after this..

A couple of friends who are colleagues shared an amusing tale of a vacation that they took together. They were recent transplants to Hong Kong and they were asked (instructed) by their boss to take a week off work due to some sort of shift scheduling conflict. The man's girlfriend was not able to take time from her job so the man and his female colleague decided to take their holiday together.

After a week in Boracay, they returned, tan and relaxed, to their staff residence. The man's girlfriend soon arrived but the doorman told her that the man wasn't at home. In fact, the doorman would not even allow the girlfriend to enter despite never having a problem with her entering the building before. The doorman continued to adamantly tell the girlfriend that the man was not in residence at the time and would not allow her to pass. After several minutes, the female colleague wandered out of the building on her way to run an errand. Not long after that, the doorman experienced a change in his attitude and allowed the girlfriend to enter the building. 

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