Thursday, July 23, 2015

in a kingdom by the sea

I had a feeling about the group next to me at the beach, and my hunch was confirmed when they followed up a too good to be purely amateur rendition of "Circle of Life" with an equally impressive "Let it Go", led by a very blonde woman. We were set up next to Disney Cast members. SB was somehow still not totally convinced until they broke into dance.

They had that look. When I lived in Florida, my classmate's older sister was a Disney performer and I have come to recognize the youthful, quirky and dramatic characteristics of Disney talent. They are not so different from the Broadway cast members that I have come across, just that they travel in smaller herds.

It was enjoyable listening to them, even as they became progressively drunker and sillier. By the time that we packed up to go home, we had been treated to several movie song reels. The tan singers sang along to Aladdin, the blonde ones were clearly from Frozen, though the beast wasn't really beastly. It was a treat.

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