Friday, August 14, 2015

where's waldon?

SB is on his annual month long stay in the woods. When we used to live in New York, he made the trip to the Adirondacks almost every weekend but now he is confined to twice per year, maximum. At least he gets a long spell of respite and recharge while I, yet again, have work commitments that keep me here in Hong Kong. While I was suffering through some of the hottest temperatures ever recorded in Hong Kong, he was taking in the pristine wilderness and silence of the lakefront camp that will be his home for most of August.

On Monday morning with temperatures already in the thirties, I trudged through a five hour long site inspection. At the same time in New York, SB was rowing home from visiting a friend's camp, guided only by memory and a bit of moonlight. He is living the Thoreau dream while not. And I am jealous. I want my bit of beauty and wonderment also.

It sounds like heaven: no phone, no internet, no interference from the outside world. Just slow, slow living. Emptiness and vastness all around.

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