Monday, August 17, 2015

you can thank her never

My friend A's ex is getting married. She has complicated feelings about this guy because she has good memories of their time together but their breakup was a messy affair. Despite moving on with someone else before breaking things off with her, he--like any good Catholic--had to make himself out to be a victim. I've known this guy through several girlfriends and know him to always talk about being treated poorly by his girlfriends so I wasn't surprised. Even now, he's said enough about his fiance that people who don't know him well are expressing worry about the upcoming marriage due to his fiance's horrible temper. Par for the course.

Amazingly, A's current boyfriend has been asked to serve as best man. The ex befriended him a couple of years ago, strangely enough, due to their mutual fondness for weightlifting. A's boyfriend was thrown at the request and tried to steer the ex toward asking someone who he's known for longer, but the ex seems out of groomsmen. After ignoring the weirdness for as long as she could, A finally asked her boyfriend about his travel plans (the wedding is in the United States). Was he going to host the stag do here or in the US? The boyfriend was unaware that he was hosting a stag do so A explained to him that as the best man, he likely was expected to throw a party for the groom.

This was how A ended up planning her ex's stag do. Because she is kind hearted and not the terrible shrew that she was made out to be, she actually helped her boyfriend plan something fun with suitable debauchery. Personally, I'm a more spiteful type and I would have booked him into a flower arranging course or something similarly painful.

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