Tuesday, September 29, 2015

super bloody moon

After getting caught up in all of the excitement about this magical doomsday moon, SB and I hiked to the hills over Tai Tam reservoir to behold the autumn lunar event. We began having misgivings hours before when we observed the not-unusual cover of haze (pollution) and gathering clouds but decided to go ahead because...well, because we didn't exactly have anything better to do. By the time that it was dark, the cloud cover all but obscured any sight of the moon. Well, darn.

SB's eldest sister had no better luck from her location in Pittsburgh, where there was also cloud cover. SB's brother has been in a month-long snit and was not contacted. His ire is directed at the eldest sister but we all feel the effects of his wrath (he takes after their father in this regard). My sister was useless; her child is a year and a half old but she still has pregnancy brain and can't be counted on to add one and one together, much less draw a curtain and look out the window to observe the moon. SB's youngest sister was our last hope. She reported that she saw the moon, and that was all. As she aspires to be a journalist, we had greater expectations from her. At least a description of the colour would have been nice...

Meanwhile, everyone waiting on their roofs for the end of the world were thwarted, yet again, as they are thwarted every time the end of the world or apocalypse, whatever, is predicted. Pastor Hagee and all of his cohorts quickly rushed to clarify that when they said end of times blood moon, they didn't mean this particular one, sorry if you misunderstood. But please keep sending in your donations, heh, heh.

All was not for naught, because I saw my first porcupine after years of finding evidence of them. It rushed past us, looking very large, probably due to being in full plumage or bristlage or however you refer to porcupines that have their quills puffed out. I assume that it was passing us in flight from the furbabies who were prancing ahead in the dark. Did you know that rustling porcupine quills sound not too dissimilar to a snake rattle? So I learned one new thing that evening.

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