Friday, October 30, 2015

of birds and bird brains

After only a month on site, I have taken up the vocabulary of a contractor. No matter where in the world I have been, contractors universally are known for their colorful expressions. I find myself using swear words in lieu of punctuation. Thanks to the previous puk gai surveyor, our stairs end 400mm above the ground level *#@! Diu!

My uncle had an apron that read “Chef F*ck”. It was very appropriate; every time he was in the kitchen, you could hear him cursing up a storm as a series of unfortunate events befell him. While my work is rewarding 80% of the time, every day I encounter a mind boggling example of bureaucratic incompetence. Today’s was just so amazing that I had to share it: 

Last week I submitted a drawing package for general building plan revisions to the lead consultant. One of the flock of civil engineers contacted me this afternoon to note that two areas of the E&M mezzanine level had been revised and requested the drawing files from me. It was mind boggling because (1) the changes had been driven by the engineering team and given to me to update the architectural layout so why the flock was she asking me for the drawing for her updating, and (2) in order to review the drawings and note the revision, one would have to OPEN THE CADD FILE to print out the drawings. This would be the CADD file that she was now requesting from me. I may have opened and closed my mouth like a goldfish while reading and re-reading the email. Then I deleted it without replying because, really.

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