Friday, February 26, 2016

this bard is on fire

My friend A invited us to her birthday dinner and told us that we would be meeting her new boyfriend. Later, SB asked me what his name was but I didn't know. "Maybe it's James," he joked, because for the past five years A has been in consecutive long term relationships with men whose names are variations of James.

Later that day, we exchanged the following messages:

As is wont to happen, during dinner SB and I had a good chuckle over her choice in men. We chuckled more when discussing birthday gifts and wondered if it would be in poor taste to get her a gift revolving around the word, "James". Then I recalled that one of my favorite albums is 1993's Laid, by a band called James. A is younger than us so there is a good chance that she doesn't have this album. "We can write on the card, 'For your birthday, we wanted to get you Laid by James'," I quipped. Then we chortled. And chortled some more.

SB is heading to the Causeway Bay HMV store to purchase our tasteful present.

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