Wednesday, April 27, 2016

comic competency

On of the managers for the corporation that I am subcontracted to has become increasingly unhinged, as evidenced by his multiple pages long emails that he sends out almost every half hour, accusing the various other subcontractors of a wide variety of misdeeds - all in Comic Sans using large, bright blue font, often underlined and boldfaced. In case anyone is unclear, Comic Sans is a cartoonish, unsophisticated font that was invented during 90's, a seriously questionable decade in regard to style (grunge movement, anyone?), and classified as a casual, non-connecting script. Do not use Comic Sans if you want to be taken seriously. It's only one step above writing a business letter in Elvish.

Anyway, I have stayed mostly off this man's radar, thanks to a separation of scope, but every few days, when he has run out of accusations to spout at the others, he turns his attention to me and lets loose a torrent of craziness. I have learned not to reply, no matter how contradictory or serious the accusation. I learned this the hard way when I tried to make a reasonable reply to an unreasonable demand and received a series of enraged responses from the manager, each one adding one more unrelated accusation of my competency, and copying one more level of authority until his last attack included a member of the board at my office and the highest level of management at his company. No one actually replied, in case you were wondering. Probably due to the Comic Sans.

He now complains at the design meetings that he doesn't know whether I am actually working because he never hears from me. That he isn't copied on any of my emails isn't an mistake on my part. If my work ever fell under his scope, I would probably resign.

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