Saturday, April 2, 2016

the bloodbath

Is it happy hour yet? With SB out of town, I have had a lot of activity alone with the furbabies. Too much activity.

I staggered up approximately 1200 steps from Wong Nai Chung Reservoir to Violet Hill. You're welcome for carrying all of the water, dogs.

Near the start of the Twins, I noticed blood on the steps in front of me. I called the dogs over and discovered that Tippy was bleeding quite a bit from a wound to her ear. I spent about ten minutes applying pressure without success. There was blood covering my arms and front of my shirt.

Some lady yelled at me to leash the dogs so she could pass. We were all to the side of the trail, Tippy and Elsie both sitting, and she had plenty of space. I ignored her. She shouted at me that I needed to control my (sitting) dogs. Fed up, I held up my completely bloody arms and waved my equally bloody towel at her. "I'm busy with something more important than you." My opinion of humanity was restored when a couple of hikers stopped to ask if they could help. Dog hater took the opportunity to stomp past with the couple as her buffer (like I said, plenty of space). I informed the couple that they just helped me immensely. As for Tippy, nothing really could be done so I told them that I was going home where we had a styptic pen.

We made record time going to Parkview. Poor Tippy left a trail of blood. I stopped by the toilets to wash off as much as I could so that I didn't look like a psychotic killer, not that Parkview hasn't seen one of those before. I freaked out over how much blood I rinsed from my arms. Did I mention that blood makes me nauseous?

Made it home and applied the styptic pen. The bleeding slowed. At this point, Elsie was concerned and tried to lick the wound. I washed a disturbing amount of blood from Tippy's scruff and took a moment to calm down. Then I applied more styptic pen and finally stopped the bleeding.

I chased drippy Tippy around the flat with an antiseptic, spray bandage can.

I scrubbed blood from my clothing, two towels, a rug, and a bath mat. I yelled at Elsie, who attempted to lick her sister's (medicated) wound behind my back. "If you get sick and throw up, I'm returning you to the pound!" Then I took a shower and freaked out some more at the red shower water.

While the dogs napped at my feet, I wondered if it was my imagination or if there was still a strong scent of copper.

Is it happy hour yet?

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