Sunday, September 11, 2016

side sleep

Some people like to indulge in retail therapy in their spare time; others like to play games. I like to attend classes. I especially like cooking classes, computer classes and language classes. Even when I play sports, it is the learning that attracts me. I want to know strategies and developmental goals. If you're going to be a know-it-all, you should at least be a somewhat competent know-it-all.

My random bits of knowledge come in handy for many situations. SB says that I am a fantastic masseuse. I can easily pinpoint the source of his muscle pain thanks in part to a long ago hunting license class. While discussing field dressing animals, my instructor talked a bit about how he home processed his deer. SB can tell me that his neck feels stiff and I can trace the pain along his musculature to a knot in his upper back."We'd better tenderise your chuck steak," I tell him. Sometimes my hands stray to massage his rump roast.

Today, at a first aid course, we discussed the preference of placing people in the rescue position on their left sides. The instructor said that due to the 'C' shape of the stomach, lying of the left side reduces chances of stomach contents coming back up to the esophagus. I thought about SB. He is a side sleeper and mostly sleeps on his right side. He also complains about heartburn. I told him what I learned, and we're going to try having him sleeping on his left side. I hope that it will help. If not, I will have to stop taking cooking classes. 

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