Wednesday, October 5, 2016

more fun than stabbing myself in the eye

I have been suffering from heartburn or some similar type of gastrointestinal ailment lately. I feel burning and pressure in my chest after meals. The burning began around the same time that I began watching the presidential debates, though I've been told that correlation is not always causality.

Aside from the week of heartburn, I may be developing depression. I finished watching the vice presidential debate this afternoon with a sense of hopelessness and frustration. This past year in politics has been a miserable experience for me. I don't even feel joy listening to the clever snarkiness of my usual, preferred pundits. Everything is grey.

I sent in my absentee ballot on Monday. Not even finding out that my candidate is a serial killer would change my vote at this point.

For the rest of the month and a half until the election, I prefer to relive being stabbed in the eye. I had a canthotomy last year. It was more enjoyable by far to watching American politics.

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