Wednesday, July 26, 2017

all those jerks

SB has still not figured out his ring size. He may be getting a piece of string to tie around his finger. At least it won't detract from the watch that I bought for him. I'm more excited about the watch than I was about my engagement ring. I bought the model that is the closest to the original moon watch. SB about had a nerdgasm while visiting the Houston Space Center this past winter so I think that he will like this gift. I need to figure out how to keep it a secret because I'm so excited about it.

SB left this morning for his annual off-grid experience in the Adirondacks. He told me that he wouldn't miss his jerk dog one bit and then proceeded to lift the jerk dog onto the bed for some forcible cuddling. Elsie usually hates being on the bed but this once, she actually laid down and let out a long suffering groan, and proceeded to fall into blissful slumber. Tippytoes circled the bed like a shark, wondering why she was being left out. She doesn't speak English so I couldn't explain to her that Elsie was going to be abandoned for a while and SB needed to cuddle her. For her own good and not for him of course. I noticed that despite not caring one whit, SB was wearing socks to bed so that he could leave something behind that reminded her of his stinky feet.

I may want to strangle SB, especially right now that I am scrambling to mail the signed bar contract because he forgot yet another item, but I will miss that jerk also. Maybe Elsie and I can split the socks.

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