Friday, April 22, 2011

oh thank goodness

I am beyond relieved that we begin a four day holiday tomorrow.  This week has been intense and frustrating.  A month's downward slide has culminated a steep dive into the most miserable four days that I can remember.  I have had to exert great effort in biting my tongue and not telling someone what I really thought of his patronizing sneer that has usually followed a not-so-subtle attempt at making me feel ignorant.

I did have my own moment of schadenfreude this afternoon when our client raked the source of my misery over the coals for wasting all of our time critiquing  the foreign partner's design for code compliance rather than looking at the larger picture and noticing that the design wasn't close to ideal by Hong Kong building standards (something that was fairly obvious even to a foreigner like me).  Instead my miserable coworker made a list of small, inconsequential items that needed further review which was correctly seen as an attempt to underline how much he knew instead of offering any kind of help to our partner.  And so I hunched down in my chair so as not to draw attention to myself as I thoroughly enjoyed the set down.

The rest of the day was spent in a mad rush to clear items on my desk so that I can spend these next few days conscience free.  Oh how good it feels to be free!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

we need another hobby

Rugby playing season ended last month and my rugby coaching season ended last week.  SB has a few more weeks of ice hockey and then he will be completely free.  Other than one hour per weekend for dragon boat training I have nothing to do.  It has been refreshing in some ways because I was getting burned out on the rugby season and personal time is good for me.  I have been able to go hiking and spend more time with friends.  I can even lay around all day and do nothing.

SB and I have been able to actually have leisurely conversations instead of catching up en route to a match or appointment.  This has been wonderful but there is such thing as too much of a good thing. We are spending so much time together that we have run out of new material and are now debating over imaginary situations. 

This morning on the way to breakfast SB told me that he had a dream that I was yelling at him.  In the dream we were house sitting for our friend T in Shek O and I told him that no, he could not take T's convertible car for another spin because he had just driven it to the China border.  SB was trying to argue that this time he would only drive around the neighborhood.

Of course I had to pipe up that if the situation were real I certainly would not let him drive T's car to China and back while he argued that T drives his car everywhere and it's a really fun car to drive.  And so the conversation went on throughout breakfast and on the way to the beach.  We almost forgot that none of this had actually occurred.

We need new material in a hurry or we'll be spending next weekend debating on the best way to watch paint dry.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

at first light

SB left the windows open last night so the sound of heavy construction woke me up early in the morning.  I lay there next to him listening to his soft snores and watching the pulse on his neck.  I like watching him like this, finally still and peaceful.  I discover new things about him like how long his eyelashes are and how those laughter crinkles at his eyes don't go away anymore.  I also notice how well he rolls up in the sheets like a little sausage roll.  Since the weather is heating up and I don't really need the sheets I can think it is adorable.  And I do.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

you might meddle with such hifalut'n foolishness, hey?

As a young boy Anthony Smith  dreamed of sailing a raft across the Atlantic.  At 85 years of age, he has finally achieved his childhood dream in 66 days and 2800 miles.

This gives me hope that one day I will accomplish my own dream of launching balloons of water at my loud, drunk, always fighting neighbors with my custom built trebuchet.  It is not quite as lofty  a goal, but I imagine it to be thoroughly satisfying.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The movie Thor is coming out soon and there are a few critics who are unhappy with the casting of African-American actor Idris Elba as Heimdall.  Apparently they don't think a black man is the right choice to depict a Marvel comic book character of a Nordic god.  Riiight.

In case you are not a comic reader this is what Heimdall looks like:

Historically accurate I imagine, with no room for artistic interpretation or creative license whatsoever.  Let me add some other depictions of the MYTHICAL Heimdall for reference:

Now here is Elba's Heimdall, a fierce and vengeful god :

Even better, I will include Elba's response to the strict historians:
"It's so ridiculous. We have a man [Thor] who has a flying hammer and wears horns on his head. And yet me being an actor of African descent playing a Norse god is unbelievable? I mean, Cleopatra was played by Elizabeth Taylor, and Gandhi was played by Ben Kingsley." (emphasis mine) (source)

Game, set, match.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

good times, good friends, good grief

It has taken a week but I have survived the end of most of my rugby season.  For me it all hit the apex last weekend when I tucked away my playing kit and went into full fledged supporter gear.  The US women's team flew in for the HK women's sevens which I took time from work to attend.  It was my first time seeing them in action here because they didn't attend for the last couple of years.  A couple of the women from the world cup 15's play for the sevens team and there a a few old timers that are my age although they don't look like me.  These women are fit!  I have seen one of the ladies on the national scene for what may now be a decade and she is still one of the fastest runners and hardest tacklers on the pitch.

The women suffer from the misfortune of limited funding and support.  They had only trained together once in the past four months which may have hurt them in their match against Canada, who they had beat in Vegas, but this time Canada took a convincing victory and went on the win the tournament.  I was very sad about this having lost my own domestic grand final in double overtime. It would have been nice to see my team win everything but seeing them at all made me happy.  I find that I miss fellow Americans the most when it comes to sports.  Three seasons later I still struggle with the way my HK teammates think it is perfectly normal to scream at each other and engage in nasty behavior toward the opposition.  Off the pitch they are a warm and close knit group of friends but on the pitch is another story.  I believe I am just as competitive but I just don't feel the need to make enemies with all the other teams when beating them is plenty good.  It was nice to spend time with a group of elite athletes who support each other in a positive way.

The ladies get into the spirit.

 BTW she caught that ball and managed to pass it